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Check out our new 5-song EP, This Ain't Love, here!

Available on all streaming services now!
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now ghosts


Been a Long Time.

now ghosts  is mainly Scott Van Gorden, who currently resides near Washington, DC, USA, and Jon Timian, who resides in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Scott and Jon have a long history of performing and recording in various DC and Baltimore bands like Dark Victory, Pruitt Igoe, Byrdmen and JoyHammer, mainly in the1980s and early 1990s. In addition, Scott has had his hands in a cornucopia of other recording projects over the years since then.

During the height of Covid in the summer of 2020, Scott would trot out to his barn and write a couple of songs a week. He would send them over to Jon who, in turn, would add guitar and bass and tweak the arrangements. Enlisting the help of stellar producer Jim Ebert, (Butch Walker, SR-71, Everything, Meredith Brooks), they came out of the studio with a great record.

The 2022 Record

The initial thought was to do an electronica record. But, it turned out quite different. The philosophy on this project was simple. Go out to the barn at 9:00 am, and write a song till noon. Stop. Let it be what it wanted to be. If it was two chords, well ... by god, let it be two chords. Let it be what it wanted to be. In the end, the keyboard lost its standing to the guitar. Maybe it was the influence of being in the barn with a bunch of tractors. Another influence was the times. Too many around us departed without our consent or say-so. Maybe came out lyrically a little dark. Maybe. But, that's your call.

now ghosts music has its roots firmly placed in Americana and Rock, but presented with a tilted thread of haunting acoustic and electronic weaving throughout. Here, there are presented a few uplifting moments of energetic in-your-face country rock, dark and mis-leading ballads, Thelma and Louise stories, melancholy pop, and some somber ponderings of the empty soul. As a whole, there are stories here that tell of the ghosts that influence us all, and possibly speak of the ghosts we will become. Where the soul resides, may very well be a ghost town in each of us. Or, just some. But, that is for you to decide.


Welcome back, boys.

Scott Van Gorden

Guitars, Pianos, Keyboards,


Principal Songwriter

Jon Timian

Guitar, Bass

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